How to Make SEO Friendly Website

How to make SEO friendly website. There is no question on the importance of developing an SEO friendly website. SEO integration to your website can help boost your presence and visibility on the search engines, specifically on Google SERPs. Since Google makes up for over 90% of organic traffic in the world, it is important to simplify the bots’ job to get ranked easily and quickly.

Below are a few tips on how to make an SEO friendly website:


How to Make SEO Friendly Website


Build User Friendly URLs


Although your website’s URL structure is not your main priority, this still plays a very important role. You can make your URLs simpler for you to have a unique one for every page. The secret lies in the finer details.


Evaluate the Performance of Your Website


Just so you know, it is important to pay attention to your website performance. These performance metrics play a big role in your SEO efforts. You need to understand what affects your payload when it comes to page load time and size.


Develop an XML Sitemap


XML sitemaps help search engines get a better understanding of the structure of your website when they crawl it. By passing more data on to Google, it will help you identify the pages that have the most value and importance to you and make them your priority.


Stay Away from Duplicate Content


Always remember that duplicate content leads to SEO problems that can penalize your rankings, particularly as far as internal duplicates are concerned. Always watch out for duplicate content as well as near duplicates for your SEO to stay topnotch.


Respond to Comments


It is essential and important to manage comments that come from your website readers for you hone a thriving community. It doesn’t matter if these comments are negative or positive as it only shows that they are reading your site content as it is worthy of their time.


Optimize Your Images


Your website images play a critical part but there are times when these can get overlooked during the SEO optimization process. There are some tricks that you can easily implement to perfectly optimize your images.


Make Your Website Compatible for Different Devices


You should optimize your content and your website as a whole for different devices used by searchers for them to have a good user experience every time they are there. There are plenty of tools to help you ensure that your website is mobile-friendly after you decided on the best solution to implement.


Say No to Keyword Stuffing


Your keywords serve as the foundation of your SEO strategy and your website. Even if your objective is to rank on a particular term, make sure that you don’t stuff your content with keywords as this can cause harm to your rankings.


Pay Attention to Internal Linking


You can build page authority through internal linking and let your readers navigate your website with ease. If you give them further options for relevant reading, they will feel more inclined to stay on your site for a longer time.


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