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What’s SEO anyway?

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the process of optimizing one’s website’s design, structure, and content to help make it rank higher on the search results page of your everyday search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

When you type in a query on your search engine, it makes use of crawlers otherwise called as search engine bots, to filter through numerous websites and web content to locate the most relevant resources for you. They will then arrange these website links according to how relevant they are to your keywords and how trustworthy the sites are.

Basically, if your website or webpage’s content matches or is related to the keywords of the search query, has content that is well-organized and structured properly, and is fast, reliable, with a certain level of user friendliness, then the search engine bots or crawlers will most likely place you higher on the search results page. And the higher your website’s ranking is, the more likely it is to be visited by people.


Why your business needs SEO

As a business owner, you always want to stay ahead of your competitors, or at least to not fall behind. Nowadays, more and more people are on the world wide web, looking up things they want to know, things they want to buy, and simply enjoying their social lives on it. This is why so many businesses are making the move to make online presences of their stores so that they can be accessible to an otherwise untapped market. People are making all sorts of their purchases online nowadays instead of walking into physical stores since shipping and delivery systems have developed too. So whether your business deals with physical products and items or with services, having an online presence will help you boost your sales.

Website SEO Services (WSS), we understand just why SEO is important for your business. Using tried and tested SEO principles and tools, we can optimize your website from design down to content, looking into your individual niches for specific keywords and market demographics to help your website rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Not only is it important to be seen by potential customers by ranking higher on SERPs, but it is also important to make sure they have a good experience on your site. So WSS works on your website design structure and technicalities to help your website be more user friendly in terms of navigation, as well as getting your content to be meaningful and driven to get that traffic into actual sales.


The WSS Search Engine Ranking Process

At Website SEO Services (WSS), we do search engine optimization through several layers of diagnosis, restructuring, organizing, content creation and editing, to help get your website visibility up on SERPs. With each added layer of SEO work, the guarantee of increased traffic that translates into actual sales figure grows too.

The WSS Search Engine Ranking Process consists of auditing your website, researching your competitors’ site SEO work and keywords for your niche, performing technical SEO, handling On-Page SEO that largely involves web design and web content, Off-Page SEO which has to do a lot with the authority of your site, as well as providing you with monthly reports on how our search engine optimization is working for you and your website. After each report, we make sure to reassess processes that are working as well as making adjustments and tweaks to those that need extra boosts.

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Website Auditing

Website Auditing is like going to the doctors for a health check-up. They take your blood pressure, weight and height, maybe even get a blood sample or run a urinalysis. Using this, they can get a basic rundown of anything that might be wrong with you before they either prescribe more tests or even treatment.

Website SEO Services does the same thing when we first begin our Search Engine Ranking Process. We need to figure out where your website stands now before we map out a plan to get your site to rank higher on SERPs. If your site has already been using SEO before but it’s not doing much for you, this is also where we find out why.

WSS uses various reputable and reliable SEO tools to analyze your site’s current standing in terms of SEO as well as to look for any technical errors and or link problems. By generating a complete checklist of aspects that need to be improved on, we can give you a customized experience with SEO that is integrated specifically for your business in its specific niche. Website Auditing is also part of our monthly reporting where we analyze just how well the site is running and how much traffic is translating into figures.

Website Auditing

Competitor Research

As a business owner, your competitors are other businesses inside the same niche or industry as you that are in the same scale too. Right after running diagnostics on your website, WSS begins to identify some key competitors of your business through SEO tools as well as through keywords research. Then, SEO metrics are analyzed and run to see what kind of efforts they are putting in and how large the gap between your site’s SEO and theirs are. We look into their Doman rates, how many referral domains and backlinks they have, how fast this grows, and how much organic traffic is driven their way.

The reason we want to see their Domain rating is because this is how we see the “popularity” of the website in terms of the referrals that are made for them. We want to see how traffic is being redirected towards their site from people who backlink them, and whether these backlinks are coming from quality websites too. This is how you know where your competitors stand as authority sites within the industry and how much SEO work needs to be put into your site to match and even overpower them. Website SEO Services makes it a point to figure out what works for your competitors and applying it to your business site to drive the market your way instead of competitors’.

Competitor Research

Keyword Research

After finding out what your competitors are doing and where they are at in terms of their online presence and SEO, Website SEO Services looks into your businesses’ specific industry and niche to identify relevant keywords that your website content should be utilizing more to increase traffic and attract the attention of search engine bots more that your competitors’ sites.

You want to use specific keywords geared towards the type of content your website will have. These are the Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion content—content that work hand-in-hand to lead a customer from entry until sale. Awareness content entails all of your posts and articles that talk about your business, brand, products, and services. Consideration content are those posts, images, or even video content that draws a clear picture for your potential customer to see the difference of your products and services from your competitors’. And Conversion content is that one with the most competition because these are the content that actually works to convert your traffic into an actual sale by getting your customer to make a purchase.

Keyword research by WSS is done to make sure that all of your website’s content is working to get your site to rank higher on SERPs by making it easier for bots to crawl through and to have your customers find valuable enough to convert into sales.

Keyword Research

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is quite literally all the technical aspects of search engine optimization in your website. The goal in this step of the search engine ranking process is to get your website running faster, making the site itself more readable and structured for the search engine bots and crawlers to go through, and to make sure that all technical aspects of your website are streamlined to make it a quality site for the search engines to rank and for your potential customers to browse through.

Website SEO services runs technical SEO through several layers of work. We first make sure that your site itself loads and runs faster, and this involves taking advantage of caching, restructuring media files to make them load faster, suggesting better hosting platforms, altering your JS and CSS script files, as well as making sure that there are no broken or dead links. All of this works together to make sure that search engine crawlers are able to navigate your sites through links properly without coming up with a dead-end, and to make sure that the search engines themselves recognize you as a quality site to be ranking higher on the SERPs. The other goal of technical SEO is to make sure that it is a much more pleasurable experience for your visitors and possible customers whenever they do get into your site. You don’t want them to click on your site and then leave because it’s not running quickly or because it’s just a dead link.

Technical SEO Home

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO is actually under On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is just as its name suggests—SEO that has to do with everything on your website directly. So this encompasses your website design structure and web content. So WSS takes this step of our search engine ranking process to make sure your site is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and that the content within are quality content that not just drives traffic towards it but keeps the traffic long enough to make a sale.

Some things that go on during the On-Page SEO stage is the restructuring and redesigning of the site to make it easier to navigate for both your customers and the search engines themselves. It is very important that all pages within the site are organized in proper hierarchy and that they all point back to the main page. It’s also crucial to have proper and relevant keywords placed all throughout your web content to make them attractive to search engine bots that will then help your page and site rank higher. This is also why it’s so important for you to have meta descriptions on all of your multimedia content too so that in essence, all content is “readable”. WSS makes sure that your content has the proper headings, proper keywords, and are of quality material so that once your site’s ranking on SERPs brings people your way, you are able to drive these into actual figures.

On Page SEO Home

Off-Page SEO

On the other hand, Website SEO Services also works on Off-Page SEO which deals with everything that happens outside of your website that can help you rank higher on SERPs. Mainly this encompasses Internet Marketing and Referrals.

These two things are actually connected because referrals are one tactic of Internet Marketing. So you can be talking about using online advertising or the utilization of social media platforms to widen your scope and heighten your visibility. Referrals basically have to do with the amount of reliable websites and web contact that are linking back to you and how good of a quality they are. WSS therefore helps you get these backlinks set up so that there is an increasing number of websites that redirect traffic back to your website. This is what along with your actual content help you develop authority as a site and business within your niche which in turn will have search engines presenting you as a quality option in search queries more than your competitors.

Off Page Seo Home

Monthly SEO Reporting

As mentioned in the beginning, Website SEO services provides monthly SEO reports to you so that you can see the improvements and changes in clear figures and numbers. We also primarily do this so that we can always recalibrate and make updates in our custom search engine ranking process to meet your specific business niche and industry differences.

Some of the key figures represented in the report are the Key Performance Indicators like Domain rating, keyword hits, traffic increase rate, ranking on SERPs, and more. With this, it becomes even clearer how well you are progressing and how our search engine ranking process is working for you and your business.

Monthly Reporting Seo